Friday, May 30, 2014

Keeping up with your Photos

My sweet upline purchased a Canon Selphy Printer a few months ago. This printer is amazing. It really is plug and play. You can see her tutorial above. I purchased mine and have been able to print all of my pictures much cheaper than you can get them in the store. I had pictures from 4 years ago. Over 500 pictures that have now been categorized and are ready to go into my Project Life album. How this works is you download the Canon App on your Iphone. This printer uses WiFi so you can get the pictures from your Ipad and phone. Plus it has a place to put in your SD card so that you can download the pictures. Choose the photos that you want to print and voila. I have several occasions this upcoming week that I will be taking photos. My son's Birthday, My son's Confirmation and my son's Graduation. I will print all of those pictures next Sunday categorize them and add the into my album. If you would like to purchase this printer you may do so HERE!

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