Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family Is So Important

I am so thankful for the support that my family gives my Stampin' Up! business. They know that is saleabration is a very busy time and that I am gone more than normal. We took our son's to the pet store on Saturday. I had a day off and we just hung out doing whatever the guys wanted to do. My sweet hubby wanted to go to Sams to taste all the samples. Men are so funny! This picture is adorable. This little puppy looks like he is talking to Noah. I asked Noah what he said. "Tell your mom to take me home!?" I am sure that is exactly what the liitle huy said. However, we already have 3 dogs.

We had our first s now fall on Sunday. Here are a couple of pictures of how much snow we received. My sweetie took me to my workshop because he didn't want me to drive and then he came back and picked me up. How awesome is that? I don't have any Stampin pictures to share today. Stay tuned!


  1. Tell Jay I said thanks for supporting you and your business. He's the to Oakley that is!

  2. You & I are truly are Blessed. Love our guys!